The Ferals

The epic Central Desert landscape is an inspiring playground for the rituals and ‘rites of passage’ for those animals and humans alike released from urban domesticity back into the wild.

Go Feral was an immersive live arts event, an exploration of the feral subculture and simultaneously the dominant feral species in central Australia. When art meets a real bush doof we Go feral! Think ritual, fire, DJ’s, performance, costumes, dance, music, animal prints, leather and lace, fur, beads, bones, face paint, feral humans dressed as feral animals.

We generated a real-life immersive experience, (a real Bush Doof), and the line between art and reality were blurred. We immersed ourselves in a feral subculture experience, an alternate universe on a remote red sand dune costumed and ready to explore. By creating experiential improvisational theatre for real it was a mind-blowing experience for all. We removed the traditional limitations on art, so art permeated reality and reality enveloped art. We allowed for a space for creativity to transform reality and then this experience was photographed, droned and filmed for The Visitors exhibition.