Power Posters!

Power punching political posters.

POWER Posters utilises political satire to shine a spotlight on the contentious fracking debate and take aim at the sweet deals between the gas industry and some of the Territory’s top politicians, and the lies underpinning the gas fracking industry.

This provocative exhibition united the art and the political realm bringing together the works from Darwin’s highly successful group show ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Fracking’ with new local works by Alice Springs artists.

Curator and contributing artist Franca Barraclough explained “I have engaged a selection of local artists to illuminate and clarify the complex issue of fracking. We are fighting to protect the environment for all NT residents against the potential damage of fracking by keeping the government honest and accountable through artistic reflection, humour and political satire.’

Jeff Kessel, Alison Hittmann, Ambulance, Julie Jat Taylor, Alex Kelly, Dina Indrasafitri, Lucy Stewart-Kenneth Esther Nunn and more Contributing Artists