Nature’s Bridegroom
Nature, nature, I am your bride. Take me; I’m yours!!

Do you feel most at home in the wilderness and estranged when you’re apart? Is pure romance watching mist rise from a bushland scene or camping under the starry sky? Perhaps nature is your lover not your mother. Are you ready to take the next step of commitment.

In an age where humankind is literally waging war against the earth, this marriage ceremony will re-address the balance by pledging our union with the planet. This dance-based ritual will support and celebrate your connection with nature and affirm your commitment to love and protect.

Warning: This is not a pretty white garden wedding! Be prepared to face the cycle of life and death, to surrender unto the spiral of existence, to ride the wild waves of change as you embrace nature’s exquisite beauty.

Presented by: The ‘Ritualisers’

The ‘Ritualisers’ are a dynamic and ever changing collective of artists led by Franca Barraclough generating rituals to mark important events, stages of life and rites of passage in order to enrich and give meaning to our lives.