Live Arts in Alice

Unexpected things started happening in the usual places and the usual happened in unexpected places: an office worker at her desk, a man watching TV on a couch and even a couple of bureaucrats wheeling a whiteboard down the mall.

‘Live Arts’ is a dynamic art form that has the potential to engage the public spontaneously and with profound immediacy, and meaningful dynamism.

Franca Barraclough Artistic Director | Melissa Kerl Director | Funded by Arts NT

It was a consummate performance: the perfect bureaucrat, eyes glued to the screen, ignoring all around her, a little discreet typing, lots of competent nodding, agreement, questions, plans.  Business shirt, straight skirt, stockinged legs, low-heeled pumps.  Desk, phone, computer. Right in the middle of Todd Mall……..There’s more to come. Watch out for that wrinkle in the ordinary.

 - Kieran Finnane, Alice Springs News