Crowned Land

 "Crowned Land" represents the imposition of terra nullius by the British Crown following settlement; a principle that dissected and transgressed pre-existing pathways and cultural boundaries, trade routes and song lines and declared Aboriginal people trespassers on their own country.

As you view this work, feel your feet sink into the sand and yourself into this rich, cultural landscape that cradles its own jewels and sacred stories.

Franca Barraclough Design | Al Bethune, Darryl Hayes, John Wallace & Dan Murphy Sculpture Collaborators | Mick Walters Photographer | David Nixon Film, Editor, Gaffer & Production Stills and everything in-between | Materials include original Alice Springs 19th century fence posts and barbed wire  | Located in a sacred site adjacent to sand quarry outside Alice Springs | AAPA Permit, Central Land Council Consultancy, TO permission