Cleaning Country

Cleaning Country is a photographic series that projects a Western domestic scene onto the traditional desert country of central Australia capturing the eerie juncture of cultures. The magazine-style imagery is reminiscent of post-war 1960’s, a time of optimistic conservatism fixated on land ownership, home building and improvements, domestic consumption and accomplishment.

Through these images, the Western “domestic goddess” is unleashed on to the pristine, majestic and ancient country of Central Australia, and in so doing, makes “comment on the alienation of the settler culture in the desert environment”. Kieran Finnane. Alice Springs News

Franca Barraclough Concept, artistic director and model | Sarah Dawson Photographer

Exhibited 2007 Shifting Ground, Ground Swell Exhibition, NT |
2005 Inner Landscape, Perth Centre of photography, WA | 2003 Blind Date, Darwin Visual Art Association and Watch This Space Gallery, NT