24 Hour Dance Marathon

Immersive live art cultivating spontaneous relationships between artists and community.

Part art, part sport, the 24hr DANCE Marathon is inspired by the endurance dance contests of the 1920s and 1930s. Unlike those often gruelling events, 24hr DANCE Marathon participants step onto a kaleidoscopic 80s wonderland dance floor that becomes a melting pot for positive community connection. Enthralled spectators become the spectacle as the narrative unfolds and the human spirit is tested through this bizarre endeavour.

Participants can sign up as a team, dancing relay-style or go for solo gold. Spectators can dance for an ‘Hour of Power’ or simply cheer on from the sidelines.

This is a drug and alcohol free event for people of all ages that’s ideal for enlivening public spaces, promoting healthy living, fundraising, team building and showcasing local talent.